About KJS

KJS, a Bumiputra Company, was established in 1998 with a total shareholders' fund of RM 43 mil. KJS was established at the initiative of the Selangor State Government and has an existing Management Services Agreement ("MSA") with the Selangor State Government to be the State-Backed Company ("SBC") to coordinate the planning, implementation and maintenance of the telecommunication infrastructure services in Selangor. KJS was also appointed as the One Stop Agency ("OSA") and One Stop Center ("OSC") in Selangor, through its subsidiary Yakin Telesel Sdn Bhd, a joint venture company formed between Menteri Besar Incorporated and KJS Alunan Sdn Bhd.

As the SBC and OSA of Selangor State, KJS functions to plan, design, build, own, operate and maintain telecommunication structures in Selangor and also to process all applications relating to telecommunication infrastructure development. KJS is a license holder of both the Network Facilities Provider ("NFP") and Network Service Provider ("NSP") License issued by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission ("MCMC").

In July 2019, KJS has extended its presence to Negeri Sembilan where KJS was appointed by the State of Negeri Sembilan to be the SBC and Authorise Principal Submitting Person ("APSP") to plan, design, develop, own, operate and mantain telecommunication infrastructures throughtout Negeri Sembilan. As the lead coordinator in respect to planning, implementation and maintenance of the telecommunication infrastructure services, KJS is in a good position to advise the States and its authorities on new developments in the industry and implement coordinated development of telecommunication utilities.

With KJS' expertise in coordination, planning, construction, equipment installation and mtaintenace of telecommunication infrastructre services, KJS have built, leased and managed more than 6,000 communication structures nationwide. In addition, through the 5G commercial lauch by Digital National Berhad ("DNB"), KJS is working closely with DNB to rollout new telecommunication towers for the deployment of 5G infrastructure and services nationwide.

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  • A leader in telecommunications
    infrastructure development


To be the preferred full service company in the wireless industry.

We seek to build stronger partnerships within the telecommunication sector, by facilitating the deployment of affordable and open broadband communications and multimedia services to meet the evolving needs of the industry with quality that towers above all.


To manage the development of projects in compliance with the highest quality standards and services available in the communications industry.

Implementing new standards in the construction of communication infrastructures that contribute to the progress of the State of Selangor, network operators, service providers and its customers.


We endeavour to build and manage a common communication infrastructure to facilitate the mass deployment of affordable and open broadband multimedia services to residential and business users through the application of common ducts, dark fibres, radio towers and co-location facilities. We ascertain that the network is compatible with the environment in which it operates, both visually and physically.

Being the telecommunications coordinator, we provide infrastructure planning services as well as regulatory services to the local councils and other state authorities.


To coordinate the planning, design and installation of telecommunication infrastructures with the development of other public utilities, in new growth centres as well as existing housing, industrial and commercial areas in the State of Selangor.

To act as a one-stop agency for the telecommunication providers, facilitating the process of planning, design, engineering, site procurement, works supervision, permit, way-leave and other approvals from the relevant authorities.

To work with and advise the local authorities, land offices, other State Government agencies and the telecommunication providers to enable proper planning, implementation, and maintenance of integrated telecommunication infrastructure activities for the benefit of the State of Selangor.

To assist the State and local authorities in monitoring compliance to the relevant statutes, by-laws, regulations and guidelines and the incidental payment of penalties, fines and other compulsory payments in respect of any violations thereto.

To provide common and integrated telecommunication infrastructures such as towers and cable networks, for sharing between telecommunication providers.